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Xiao Long Nu & Yang Guo’s Reunion After 16 Years ~ What Should Have Been Asked or Thought Of (names are in Cantonese pronunciation).

A Step into the Past (2001)

A Step into the Past (2001)

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2 (2014) | via

"/run papa run/ i can understand cantonese (and ofc english), i can do with or without subs :))"

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Here’s the legit place to view Run Papa Run » PPS/iQiyi , but they have removed the Canto-dubbed version, in this ver they dubbed all the HK actors into Mandarin. The link should work even without UnBlock Youku. 

Ahem.. There’s a Canto/Chi duo track version if you don’t mind downloading. PM me if you need help. ;D

For Bad Boys Only (2000)

"do you know where i can watch run papa run? please and thankss. :)"

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:))) what language(s) can you understand?

Election (2005)

Troublesome Night 7

Troublesome Night 7

Mighty Baby Promotion (2002)